Mehmet Sadettin Fidan

          Born in 1947, Salihli, Manisa, Turkey

          Education:  Chemical Enginnering(M.Sc.). , 1973, ITÜ



          Nuclear Research Center, Jülich, Germany, 1969

          Risö National Labrotory, Denmark, 1971-1972  

          Universiy of Ottowa, 1982-1983, Canada  


          Professional Experience & Expertise

          Tire Cord Reinforcements(Senior Specialist & Consultant)

         - Creep & relaxation effect on cord behaviour

         - Conductive cords for low RR tires

         - Intelligent non-metallic reinforcements

         - Pseudo hybrids & shrikable rayon.

         - Process Adaptive Cords(PAC) etc.

         - More than 30 US, EU and DE patents on tire cords


          Area of Interest

          Istanbul Hans(trade centers of Istanbul)

          - Hans in Historical Peninsula(Eminönü) and Galata

          - Merchants, commissinaires, bankers, agents in Hans

          - Merchant-Foreign Companies relationships


          Related Activities

          Exhibition: Trade Letters from Hans, Istanbul, ITO, 2006

          Exhibition: Trade Letters to Swiss Companies, Istanbul, S,C.C., 2010



          Gecmisten Günümüze Istanbul Hanlari, ITO, Istanbul, 2009



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